Basis For Investment Selection

Investment Selection

Vivata Capital targets operating business with experienced management, positive cashflows and significant growth potential. Rarely will we invest in standalone greenfield projects which are not part of a company with a proven track record. We will consider Special Situation investments where exceptional circumstances exist.

In selecting projects, the following criteria are applied:

Value based investing

Good companies in good industries and segments at the right price


Targeted companies must have high growth potential.

Company Size

Mid to large sized assets of at least US $20 million and significant sales. Exceptions will be made in certain circumstances.

Industry Diversification

Vivata Capital seeks to achieve a balanced portfolio, spreading activity across industries, sectors, phase of development and local geographies


Targeted companies must have a sound ESG policies.

Investment Selection in Southern Africa

Investment approval process

Vivata Capital conducts a structured and disciplined investment process which includes:


Business opportunity assessment: Terms of Engagement: development of the key commercial terms and conditions for a successful partnership:

Full Due Diligence

Covering legal, commercial, financial, tax and necessary regulatory pre-ruling

Investment Committee

Presentation to investment committee for approval: Detailed Agreements: drafting of final agreements.